January 2021 Centre Closure Update

Dear Member

Following the recent announcement that a National Lockdown will take place, it is with great disappointment, that we were forced to close doors at 9pm on Monday 4th January 2021.

Thank you for your continued support throughout 2020. Without this support we would have been in a very different place to where we are now.

This is as frustrating for The Gillingham Community and Leisure Trust as it is for you. 2020 was very challenging and we have, where possible, looked for additional support via grants to get us through these tough times.  Due to us trading as “a not for profit organisation that pays no Rates”, we have only been successful on a couple of grant applications and as a result received “nothing substantial” to date.

Unfortunately, our overheads will not go away and we will continue to manage these as tightly as we can.  We have done everything that we can to protect the future of this business for Gillingham, not only in the run up to this situation, but also over the last 10 years. 

Firstly, GCLT would like to thank our customers for continuing to support the site and where possible maintaining their membership throughout each lockdown.  We are very aware of the generosity you have shown to us during these times.  We are also conscious that we have not given any further information on how we plan to recompense all these members.

RiversMeet, like many other companies, continues to be in a precarious position where cash flow is essential to its survival.  Your donations via membership fees have kept RiversMeet open.  The trustees have had discussions as to how we can repay this loyalty, but presently we are not in a financial position to do so.

We are aware that some members have been upset by the lack of communication about this, but we are between a rock in a hard place.  We could not communicate with you all as we did not have a solution or way forward given the unpredictable Covid situation and the uncertain times ahead.

What we can guarantee is that as soon as we are in a stable financial position we will be putting in place a loyalty scheme for the members.  This scheme, whatever the format and over whatever period will be designed to recompense you all.  Please give the trust time to get to this position.

We will be sending you a further letter tomorrow, please keep an eye out, which separately outlines your membership options for January and this lockdown period.  Both the trustees and staff at RiversMeet hope that all of our members and the community of Gillingham keep safe during these unprecedented times.

Yours sincerely
Paul Barber
Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Riversmeet

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