SWISH Swim School at RiversMeet

We believe that everyone should be able to learn to swim. This is why, here at RiversMeet, we are dedicated to delivering fun, high quality lessons. All of our teachers are STA, ASA qualified and follow the Swim England pathway. Our Swim School runs 48 weeks of the year with payment made via monthly direct debit.

Children Swimming (5mths+)


Weekly 30min parent and toddler classes from 5mths to 3yrs to give them their first water experiences - £26.10 per month (Tuesday or Friday mornings).

Ducklings - Stage 7

Weekly 30min classes taking them from beginners up to competent length swimming - £29.50 per month (Monday to Friday after school or Saturday mornings).

Stage 8 - 10

Weekly 60min class focusing on taking children to competition level swimming - £37.50 per month (Tuesdays or Wednesdays after school, or Saturday mornings).

Junior Lifeguard Academy

Weekly 60min class teaching self rescue, rescue of others and fun extras such as water polo - £37.50 per month (Mondays 1700-1800 or Fridays 1730-1830).


Weekly 45min lesson designed for those who don't want to go into competition club swimming but still want to have fun and keep fit - £34.00 per month (Thursdays 1830-1915).


Weekly 60min training session, spending 25-30mins in the water and 25-30mins doing land based training, for those who want to do Triathlons or just want an extra level of training - £50.00 per month (Fridays 1730-1830).  For those who just want the water based or the land based training, this can be done for £30.00 per month.

SWISH Tetras

Weekly  30min training session for those who do Tetrathlons and need to improve on their speed for the swims - £30.00 per month (Thursdays 1830-1900).

Adult Swimming (16yrs +)

SWISH Adult Beginners

Weekly 30min session designed to get you swimming - £30.00* per month (Fridays 1830-1900).

*If you are already on a Membership here at RiversMeet, this price is reduced.

SWISH Adult Improvers

Weekly 30min session to work on advancing your skills and technique - £30.00* per month (Fridays 1830-1900).

*If you are already on a Membership here at RiversMeet, this price is reduced.

SWISH Masters

Weekly 60min session for those that want structured training to help improve on speed, stamina and technique - £40.00* per month (Thursdays 0700-0800).

*If you are already on a Membership here at RiversMeet, this price is reduced.

Not looking for classes? We offer private lessons too!

Private lessons

30-60min lessons for children or adults.

1:1 30min lesson - £18.70
2:1 30min lesson - £28.60
1:1 60min lesson - £37.40
2:1 60 min lesson - £57.20

Please contact us via email for details and availability.

All current Swim School pupils paying by direct debit receive FREE swimming during public and splash sessions.

To ensure your child is put into the correct stage, we offer a FREE Swimming Assessment before commencing lessons.

To book a Swimming Assessment, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION.

For more details please contact the Swim School Coordinator Email: swimschool@riversmeetgillingham.org